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A Note Concerning the recent Wall Street Journal article

A recent article was published in the Wall Street Journal concerning our initiative, WSJ and a few clarifications are in order:

Additionally, we have been made aware of some concerns from individuals that we are acting without authority from the University or Texas Exes. While neither the University or the Texas Exes organization are involved directly in this initiative, please rest assured that the executives of both are aware of our efforts.

Please see the following for a response to the article from the Texas Exes: Texas Exes Blog

The Texas Club of New York City

Welcome to the home of the Texas Club of New York City. Here you can find out the latest information on the plan to bring a private alumni club to New York City exclusively for University of Texas at Austin graduates.

The Texas Club of New York City is being organized to strengthen the relationship amongst graduates of the University of Texas at Austin by providing a location in New York City where members can meet to engage in fellowship, friendship, and leadership development. Facilities are expected to include meeting and conference rooms, hotel accomodations, lounges, formal and casual dining areas, bar, and a fitness center.

While providing first class accommodations to its members, The Texas Club will serve as a place that Texas alumni in New York and those traveling to the city can truly call their home away from home. Most importantly, The Texas Club of New York will serve as a physical link between The University of Texas at Austin and New York City as the university grows in national and global prominence.

Make sure to check back frequently to get the latest information on this ambitious endeavor.

If you are interested in receiving updates by email, please send a blank message to info@texasclubnyc.com

DISCLAIMERS: The Texas Club of New York City is a private charitable organization and is not directly connected to The University of Texas at Austin. All information found on this site is subject to change without notice.